These fine wood creations are by Don West, a man who has worked with wood for his entire life and has turned it into a form of art. Each piece starts as a raw hunk of wood, possibly a branch, perhaps cut out from the root bulb. It is cut to fit in Don's lathe, turned to get a feeling for what size the piece can be, then inspiration takes it from there. No two pieces can possibly be alike as each is an individual creation.

After the pieces are finished in their initial time in the lathe, they are meticulously sanded to get a finish so smooth and shiny that it must be seen to appreciate it. Holes are filled in with small pieces of turquoise to compliment the piece, then the finish is applied and additional sanding takes place. A large number of hours are consumed in the crafting of each item.

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Individual items,
mostly not vases or bowls

10302-Mulberry 111201-Juniper
13504-Pecan 15604-OakBurl 16704-Mesquite
17704-Mesquite 1992-Peppertree 23704-Cedar

Items whose wood name is in bold are a link to a page of additional views. When possible, there are four or more images of each item including two with rulers showing the approximate height and width of the item, measurements are in inches.

WARNING! These bowls ARE NOT WATERPROOF! Use them for displaying dry items only if you feel they must contain something. If you purchase a piece and it becomes damaged due to water exposure, it is doubtful that it can be repaired.

NEW!  A Bowl In Progress!

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